who we are

Hilmar Covenant Church is a family of God's patchwork people rooted in loving God, listening for God's voice, and serving God's world.


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our calling

Because of who God made us, God calls us to live His story in the world in the following ways:

Come together seeing healthy relationships and welcoming others into the family:

God has made us into a family of his people. In this reality of new relationship we are always seeking healthy ways of loving one another, of communication, and of conflict resolution. We are also a welcoming church, eager to give Jesus' welcome to others the way He's welcomed us.

+ + +

Engage in a biblical discipleship that comes to life in the multi-faceted expressions of our faith:

As the Bible is central to our faith, the life we live stems from our belief in that Word. We believe in God's Word as the script for God's overarching story in which we play a part. This finds expression in multiple modes of living such as the desire to become more like Jesus, loving God and loving our neighbors, prayer, and gathering together to worship Christ. Our discipleship includes a commitment to the plight of the poor and victims of injustice as we work towards the compassion, mercy and justice of God's Kingdom.

+ + +

Befriend our neighbors, serving them both near and far:

God has called us to make friends for his Kingdom. Our neighborhood is as close as the family next door or as far as those living in need of Jesus around the world. Our church engages in befriending and loving our neighbors through both local initiatives and global missions all with the goal of showing the love of Christ through our love of and service to others.

+ + +

Love children and youth by finding them where they are and caring holistically for their families:

Our church has always had a heart for the smallest among us. God gives us a compassion and love for our little ones through all of their life stages and for their families. We answer God's call by caring, seeking without judgment, and loving according to the holistic need of the child, teen, and family.

+ + +

Expand God's Kingdom through the generous giving of ourselves to His calling:

As a response to God's love in Jesus, we are called to reveal God's Kingdom according to how God has gifted us through His Spirit. He has created each of us uniquely and we give generously of ourselves to reveal the love of Jesus to the world. This is our ultimate calling as God's people.