upcoming events

  • women's retreat

    october 5-7

    Come together with women from Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada! This weekend is a great time to connect with friends, old and new, and worship God in an open and unique environment.

    In this time of retreat we will explore: what does it look like to DWELL? And, what is possible when we DWELL? As we do this, we will find ourselves experiencing the beauty of the Lord’s presence through
    worship, times of fellowship, laughter and rest. Come and be empowered to live out DWELL in your home, family, community and beyond.

    For more information or to register visit here or visit the church website.

    Early registration deadline is August 12.

ongoing events

Sunday                                                                  Monday                                                Tuesday

9:00 am   Waterson's Bible Study                       8:15 am   Aerobics                              6:00 am   Men's Community Bible Study @ Hot Rod's

10:00 am Worship/KidSpace                             5:30 pm   Waterson's Volleyball         9:45 am   Staff Meeting

7:00 pm   Waterson's (home) Bible Study        7:00 pm   Men's Basketball                10:00 am PowerPlay

8:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball                               7:00 pm   Joell's Footsteps                7:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball

Wednesday                                                           Thursday                                              Friday

8:00 am   FIKA                                                      5:15 pm   Men's Basketball                  8:15 am   Aerobics

8:15 am   Aerobics                                               7:00 pm  Waterson's Volleyball           8:00 pm   Iglesia Basketball

1:00 pm   HCCC - play day                                   

6:00 pm   ROOTED Pool Parties

Special Events:

July 1-4      Fireworks Booth

July 4         OFFICE CLOSED

July 10-12 Gallo Event

July 13-20 CHIC

July 29       Worship in FC

Kids @ Frontier Ranch

July 15-21        Middle School

July 22-28        Middle School

July 29-Aug 4  Elementary

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