upcoming events

  • memorial day weekend picnic

    sunday may 26th, after church

    Join us for fellowship and food following church on the Sunday of Memorial Day!

    Fried chicken and drinks will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

    There will be wiffle ball, corn hole, giant jenga, chalk, and bubbles. Come join the fun!

  • s.o.s. (salads & sandwiches on sundays)

    first sunday of the month @ 5-6:30

    Gather for salads, sandwiches, and fellowship on the first Sunday of the month! 

    June 2nd @ the Montagues :: Sausages & Swimming!! RSVP Allyson @ 209-678-7669

  • HCC outdoors club

    June 24-27: Family Camp at Pinecrest Lake

  • hcc art series

    Info and dates TBD



    Do you like God? Do you like movies? Do you ever see a movie that you feel really intersects your faith, and you want to watch it, and talk about it? Let's do that. Pastor Casey is transforming his backyard into a theater just for this.

    Will be resumed when weather gets warmer!

ongoing events

Sunday                                                                  Monday                                                Tuesday

9:00 am   Waterson's Bible Study                      5:00 am    Westside Boot Camp        5:00 am  Yoga - FC Chapel

10:00 am Worship/KidSpace                             8:15 am    Aerobics                              6:00 am  Men's Community Bible Study @ Hot Rod's

6:30 pm   Rooted H.S.                                         5:30 pm    Waterson's Volleyball        8:45 am   Westside Boot Camp

7:00 pm   Waterson's (home) Bible Study        6:30 pm    Dan's Bible Study               9:45 am   Staff Meeting

8:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball                               7: 00 pm   Men's Basketball                10:00 am Power Play

                                                                                7:00 pm    Joell's Footsteps                7:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball

Wednesday                                                           Thursday                                              Friday

5:00 am Westside Book Camp                          5:00 am   Yoga - FC Chapel                 5:00 am   Yoga - FC Chapel

8:00 am   FIKA                                                      8:45 am   Westside Boot Camp          8:15 am   Aerobics

8:15 am   Aerobics                                               5:15 pm   Men's Basketball                  8:00 pm   Iglesia Basketball

6:30 pm   Rooted                                                  7:00 pm  Waterson's Volleyball

Special Events

May 4   Global 6k for Water

May 5   Musical Concert @ 6pm

May 11 HCC Outdoors - Pinecrest

May 12 Mother's Day


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