upcoming events

  • s.o.s. (supper on sundays)

    first sunday of the month @ 5-6:30

    Gather for salads, sandwiches, and fellowship on the first Sunday of the month! 

  • HCC outdoors club

  • hcc art series

    Info and dates TBD



    Do you like God? Do you like movies? Do you ever see a movie that you feel really intersects your faith, and you want to watch it, and talk about it? Let's do that. Pastor Casey is transforming his backyard into a theater just for this.

    Will be resumed when weather gets warmer!

ongoing events

Sunday                                                                  Monday                                                Tuesday

9:00 am   Waterson's Bible Study                      5:00 am    Westside Boot Camp        5:00 am  Yoga - FC Chapel

10:00 am Worship/KidSpace                             8:15 am    Aerobics                              6:00 am  Men's Community Bible Study @ Hot Rod's

6:30 pm   Rooted H.S.                                         5:30 pm    Waterson's Volleyball        8:45 am   Westside Boot Camp

7:00 pm   Waterson's (home) Bible Study        6:30 pm    Bible Study                         9:45 am   Staff Meeting

8:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball                               7: 00 pm   Men's Basketball                11:00 am Power Play

                                                                                7:00 pm    Joell's Footsteps                7:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball

Wednesday                                                           Thursday                                              Friday

5:00 am Westside Book Camp                          5:00 am   Yoga - FC Chapel                 5:00 am   Yoga - FC Chapel

8:00 am   FIKA                                                      8:45 am   Westside Boot Camp          8:15 am   Aerobics

8:15 am   Aerobics                                               5:15 pm   Men's Basketball                  8:00 pm   Iglesia Basketball

6:30 pm   Rooted Pool Parties                           7:00 pm  Waterson's Volleyball

Special Events

July 7               S.O.S. - Summer Series

July 9               Rooted - John's Incredible Pizza Event

July 9-11         Gallo Event

July 14             Baby Shower - Kristen Kronberg Stanhope

July 14-20       Middle School @ Fronteir Ranch

July 17-21       Women's Triennial

July 28-Aug 3 Jr. Camp @ Frontier Ranch

Aug 4                S.O.S. - Summer Series

Aug 5                Missionary Gospel Luncheon


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