upcoming events

  • bible quiz - THursday @ 3:45PM

    An exciting new program for fourth through sixth graders at Hilmar Covenant Church. It is a memorization program that will give students an in-depth understanding of God’s Word. It provides opportunity for the discipleship of youth so they will reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude, word, and action. It will cultivate, through fun competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing and provide, through travel, opportunities to expand Christian Fellowship. Contact Gwen Schulze 620-6422 for more info.



    Do you like God? Do you like movies? Do you ever see a movie that you feel really intersects your faith, and you want to watch it, and talk about it? Let's do that. Pastor Casey is transforming his backyard into a theater just for this.

    November 9: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

  • hilmar covenant church: stuff you should know



    You ever wish you had a space set aside for discussing things about your faith that you just wish you knew more about? There is a whole lot of stuff out there that we should be talking about as Christians, and we need a space and time for it. Enter: HCC::SYSK. There's lots of stuff we should know about, but don't. This is a time for learning about it, and asking even more questions, together. Once monthly, final Sunday of the month.

    December 2: Social Media and Our Kids

ongoing events

Sunday                                                                  Monday                                                Tuesday

9:00 am   Waterson's Bible Study                      5:00 am    Westside Boot Camp       6:00 am   Men's Community Bible Study @ Hot Rod's

10:00 am Worship/KidSpace                             8:15 am    Aerobics                             8:45 am   Westside Fitness

6:30 pm   Rooted H.S.                                         5:30 pm    Waterson's Volleyball        9:45 am   Staff Meeting

7:00 pm   Waterson's (home) Bible Study        7:00 pm   Men's Basketball                10:00 am Power Play

8:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball                               7: 00 pm   Joell's Footsteps               7:30 pm   Iglesia Basketball

Wednesday                                                           Thursday                                              Friday

5:00 am Westside Book Camp                          8:45 am   Westside Fitness                 8:15 am   Aerobics

8:00 am   FIKA                                                      3:30 pm   Bible Quiz                              8:00 pm   Iglesia Basketball

8:15 am   Aerobics                                               5:15 pm   Men's Basketball

6:00 pm   Rooted M.S.                                         7:00 pm  Waterson's Volleyball

Special Events:

10/5-7  Women's Retreat Mission Springs

10/19   Movie Night @ Barton's

10/20   Swedish Pancake Breakfast 7:30-10am

10/28   HCC::SYSK Stuff You Should Know

10/31   Trunk or Treat @ Holy Rosary

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