hcc update 10/29/20

We will be inside!

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020

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UPDATE:  10/29/20

Blessings, Hilmar Covenant Family,

We have several reminders for this Sunday Worship Gathering.

First of all, we are meeting indoors! Please enter through the Family Center Main Doors (facing East) and be ready for the same COViD screening we have utilized since we reopened. We are still committed to providing an excellent livestream experience.  Please prepare communion elements if you are participating from home.

Second, it is Brittany Stonestreet's last Sunday as our Minister of Worship and Connections. She will be traveling by car across the country. We ask you to consider bringing an encouragement card for her as well as a gift certificate for food or lodging that she can use as she heads to her family home. We will also have an appreciation and prayer time during the worship service.

After our worship service, we will have a wonderful, socially distanced of our new Heritage Hall. We will celebrate the hard work that Brittany, and others, have invested in making this a special room to remember  God's faithfulness through the history of Hilmar Covenant.

Finally, because we have so many wonderful activities planned for Sunday, we ask you to move your clocks back an hour Saturday evening and enjoy the end of daylight savings with an extra hour of sleep.

May you find peace in the presence of Christ throughout your week.

Rev. Bud Locke, transitional pastor

Hilmar Covenant Church


209/668-0400 office

209/406-7101 mobile


Update: 10/20/2020

Even though I have been a part of the Hilmar Covenant Church community for a very brief time, I am enjoying my time with your staff, Council and congregation. I anticipate the day when I can interact even more with you and the Hilmar community. You are proving yourselves to be a joyous and faithful people.

As we end the month of October and head into November, I have some updates for you:

  1. Since Merced County is in the RED category regarding COViD-19 transmission, churches have been approved to meet at 25% of room capacities or 100 people, whichever is less. This means that on November 1st we will be moving our weekly worship service into the gym. We are discussing how we might provide a worship experience that is safe, relevant and interactive; develop a deep ministry to kids and families; and prepare ourselves to extended ministry in the future as our status changes. If you are interested in being a part of this conversation and assisting us in this effort, email me (bud@hilmarcovenant.org)
  2. Our Nominating Committee is asking for recommendations for people to serve on the 2021-23 Leadership Council. I am sure you know people in our congregation who have demonstrated lives full of the Holy Spirit and of wisdom. These are the people you would love to see God use to influence the future of Hilmar Covenant Church. Please email those names to nominations@hilmarcovenant.org.
  3. On a sadder note, Brittany Stonestreet has tendered her resignation as our Minister or Worship and Connections with two weeks notice. In my short time knowing her, I have grown to admire her gentle spirit that seeks to hear and see God. I love how she passionately desires to bring our online and live congregation into an encounter with the Risen Savior. More details will be forthcoming about our recognition of Brittany when we celebrate how God has brought her to Hilmar Covenant for this season. I have already prayerfully begun the process of seeking a transitional worship leader as the Council seeks God's direction for our next steps. Click here for Brittany's letter.

Finally, last Sunday I spoke about the centrality of the Word of God. We looked at how the urgent is rarely the most important and that the most important is rarely urgent. I believe that in this time of great transition, fluidity and even chaos, our call is to remain committed to the "mooring line" of God's Word. Let's not let actions and busyness distract us from our true purpose as a church: to dive deep into the Living Word, Jesus Christ!

Update: 9/10/20

Dear church,

After a lot of planning and sorting through guidelines, insurance requirements (!), and procedures, we've got things together for outdoor services! For those unable to attend, worship will be streamed online on Facebook and YouTube as normal.

What you'll find here are the things you can expect when you arrive on Sunday, and some guidelines that, if we all follow them, will serve to make our experience of coming back together a lot easier and more enjoyable.


The following guidelines we're putting into place to both keep our church attendees and community safe by minimizing the opportunity for disease transmission, and in order to maintain compliance with state and local ordinances for church services. Failure to comply with these basic guidelines could result in greater difficulty in having outdoor services in the future, could prolong the time before we are able to come back together, or could result in the loss of church insurance coverage. Please adhere to these guidelines and allow church staff and volunteers to be greeters and welcomers, rather than “enforcers” of the "rules". Thank you for not making us play that role.

  • Please arrive between 9.30-9.45 in order to have adequate time for check-in and seating.
  • Please stay in family groups, social distancing as possible.
  • Please bring your own chairs and/or a blanket.
  • Consider bug spray, as there can be some biting insects in the grass.
  • The area where we gather is sunny at this time of morning. Consider sunscreen, and especially sunglasses.
  • Come from your car to the check-in station, where temperatures will be taken and people will be signed-in. (This is a requirement to be in compliance with guidelines, and for church insurance purposes).
  • Please wear a face covering while checking in, and while making your way to your seats.
  • Please consider maintaining face coverings for singing.
  • There will be no dedicated children’s programs. Children must remain with their parents. We will, however, have children’s activity packets available.
  • We are not able to provide restroom access, so please arrive ready for the duration.
  • Please stay in your designated seating area and greet people from a distance.
  • Ushers will take you to your seats, and ushers will guide you to leave in an orderly way.
  • We are not able to provide coffee or refreshments. Please feel free to bring your own coffee and snacks for during the service. We will not be congregating after service for coffee.

It has been a long time since we've been together. While this won't be the fullness of our regular meetings, we will be together.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Hilmar Covenant Church

Update: 8/13/20

Hilmar Covenant was visited by County officials recently, and we are needing to change some day-to-day operating procedures. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we also thank you for helping us out.

When on campus, masks will be required.

Visitors must check in at the front office, where you will need to fill out a brief questionnaire and then have your temperature checked. Please don’t use any other entrances, even if you have a key or plan to just be in and out. You must check in for HCC to stay in compliance.

For HCC to remain in compliance during this time, please do not let yourself into the church buildings after hours. Non-staff members should only visit church during work hours.

And while you’re here, please make sure to take advantage of our hand sanitation stations!

Let’s continue to be in this together so that we can soon be together!

Hilmar Covenant

Digital Church

Maybe you've heard - the world is a bit crazy right now. 

But, just because we can't meet in person doesn't mean that we can't still be together, or be Christ's church. The mission hasn't changed. Just the venue.

Click here for all our digital venues.

Covid-19 Update

Join us for Sunday worship in person now or virtually on Facebook and Youtube. We will be going live at 10am!

We've also canceled group use of church facilities for all groups during this time.

We will be posting updates here and on our facebook and instagram pages.

For more information, please read our statement here.

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