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    My name's Casey, and I'm the pastor here at Hilmar Covenant. We come together as a community of God's patchwork people to love God, listen for his voice, and serve his world. That is how God has made us, and we express it in as many individual ways as there are family members. Christianity is a life and a living process, as we seek to respond to God's word with a life lived for Him.

    My wife Sarah and I have been married for 20 years, and have journeyed our story together through numerous adventures. Having grown up in Central California, we moved to Saskatchewan, Canada a month after our marriage. After 2 years, we moved to the North Shore of Massachusetts for a three year stint at Seminary. From there to Edinburgh, Scotland for a year and a half more of school before finally ending up in Toronto, Canada to pursue a PhD in Preaching. In Toronto, after being married for 10 years, we had our first son, Eugene. Soon after, Theo, our second son, arrived on the scene. Pastoral ministry has been a part of our journey all along the way. 

    E-mail Casey at: cbarton@hilmarcovenant.org



    I'm Theo, and I joined the team at Hilmar Covenant Church as the youth pastor in July of 2017. I've been a serving in vocational youth ministry ever since I graduated from Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon back in 2003.

    I married my wife Kyndria two weeks after graduating from Bible College. I have two youth group aged daughters, Parker and Gianna. My wife and kids are easily my most favorite people in the world.

    In my spare time, I love basketball, photography, eating at adventurous places, and Star Wars. I am also currently enrolled at North Park Theological Seminary, working on my Masters degree in Christian Ministry.
    Email Theo at: theo@hilmarcovenant.org



    I'm Brittany, and I joined the Hilmar Covenant Church team as Minister of Worship and Connections in January of 2019. I began my adult career as an elementary music teacher in 2013 and taught for 3 years, when I felt the call to go into full-time ministry.

    I earned a Master's in Ministry while volunteering at a church in Cumberland, MD. After serving at the church for almost two years, Hilmar Covenant found me and here I am!

    In my spare time, I love to read and write. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I also love all games except video games, Chess, and Monopoly.

    Email Brittany at: brittany@hilmarcovenant.org



    I was raised in the Covenant Church and I am so blessed to be a part of the staff here at Hilmar Covenant. Since joining the staff, God is growing new things in me and it has been exciting to see and be a part of the growth of our church. Being part of this church family is a blessing in itself.

    As Office Manager, I support Pastor Casey and the staff any way I can. I ensure the bulletins, newsletters, church mailings, calendars and other office related things are done. I am available to answer your questions, your calls or to share God's love with you when you stop by.

    E-mail Beth at: bwalker@hilmarcovenant.org



    Hi, my name is Ashley. I have been raised at Hilmar Covenant and I am beyond happy and blessed to be a part of the staff. In the fall I will be attending Merced Community College. After, I plan to attend The Masters College to pursue a career in either youth or children's ministry. I love working with kids because of the innocence they bring to stories we have heard all of our lives. They provide a whole new outlook and it is something that I love because I can learn from them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with kids and this amazing staff!

    E-mail Ashley at: ashley@hilmarcovenant.org



    I am Megan, and I after growing up here at Hilmar Covenant and being involved in various ministries, I am now officially on staff as Nursery and Preschool Coordinator. I plan out curriculum for our youngest members and coordinate our volunteers for this age group.

    I married my husband Brandon in February of 2013 and we have two little girls: Chloe, who is in preschool, and Lexi, who is 1 year old.

    Email Megan at: megan@hilmarcovenant.org



    I’m a long time resident of Hilmar. I retired from TID (Turlock Irrigation District) after 40+ years of service. I’m married to Cindy and have one son. I’m glad to be a part of the staff at Hilmar Covenant Church. I enjoy fixing things and discovering how they work. Retired life has enabled me to do what I want to do which includes working at HCC and also volunteering at the Hilmar food bank. Working at HCC not only keeps me busy but allows me to be a part of the ministry of the church.



    My name is Miss Leslie and I am absolutely blessed to hold the position of Director at Hilmar Christian Children's Center. I have been in the child development field for over 27 years and am still amazed by children every day. I grew up in the bay area and moved to the valley in the 1990's. I've always been a country girl at heart. I have raised my family in Hilmar for the last 16 years. All three of my children attended HCCC and I also taught here many years ago. I am excited to be back and to be given the opportunity to provide quality care for our children while teaching them about God's amazing love.  

    Email Leslie at:  loliveira@hilmarcovenant.org