Covid update

After a lot of planning and sorting through guidelines, insurance requirements (!), and procedures, we've finally made it possible for kidSPACE to meet back in person! 

For those not ready to attend, our lesson videos will be posted on Facebook and YouTube as normal on Sunday mornings at 11am. 

During this time of transitioning back, we want to keep the mental and physical health of our kids and families in mind. We know this time has not been easy on the mental health of our kids so we are so happy to be able to bring kidSPACE back to them. 

This being said, there is a number of changes we have to make to kidSPACE to keep the physical health of our families and kids in mind. Below is a list of these changes. 

1) at this time, kidSPACE will only be for K-5th grade. Our Tots group is planning on returning soon. 

2) the time kids will spend in kidSPACE will be shortened. Kids will spend about 50% of their time in kidSPACE and 50% in service with their family. 

3) everyone in kidSPACE will be required to wear a face covering and social distancing will be strongly encouraged.

4) we will increase our sanitation practices as well as limit the amount of surfaces kids will come in contact with. 

On behalf of kidSPACE and HCC, thank you! Thank you all for your support and encouragement during this time of uncertainty and chaos, we appreciate you all!


kidSPACE is the children's ministry of Hilmar Covenant for infants through 5th grade. Through the use of a curriculum that encourages visual and hands on learning, we strive to connect all children to Christ and to one another. We build them up in love through the gospel, and prepare them to serve locally and globally. 

Our purpose is that kidSPACE will be a safe and inviting place for children, nursery through 5th grade. Where they can come  LEARN about Jesus, EXPLORE their faith, and GROW with their families in their journey with Jesus.

We encourage you to check out our social media accounts to see more of what we do.

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We are so excited that you are here to check out kidSPACE at HCC! We hope to answer any questions you have so that you know what to expect when you arrive at a service.


The KidSPACE check-in stations open 15 minutes prior to the service. Follow the big signs under the breezeway to find where you need to go! For first time visitors, we have a Registration Card for you to fill out to register and check-in your children. We will gather basic contact information so that by the next time you come, check-in will be quick and easy.

We have a Coordinator available at each location available to connect you to our kids ministry and answer any questions you might have!

Upon check-in, parents and children will receive matching security badges. Each badge is assigned a code so that parents may be matched with their child upon pick-up and also texted if necessary.  

After completing the check-in process for Tots (infants up to 4 years old), your child can be dropped off in the nursery/preschool area in the Family Center. Be sure to label any of your child’s belongings! After the service, you can pick up your child and belongings in the Family Center preschool room.

After the check-in process for kidSPACE (Children kindergarten to 5th grade), children will go with you into the service. They are dismissed to their kidSPACE classes after worship. When service concludes, you can pick up your child right up the stairs by presenting your matching security badge.

For those with infants staying in service, there is a parent's room just behind the welcome table at the top of the stairs with a stocked changing table, and comfortable seating for feeding.


meet our kidspace coordinators

  • Nursery & Preschool

    Megan McNeal joined our team in 2019 as the Nursery/Preschool coordinator. She has two kids who are also in the program.

    Contact Megan here

  • Kindergarten-5th Grade

    Ashley Vargas joined our team in 2017 and is now the school aged kidSPACE coordinator. She plans to pursue a career in youth or children's ministry.

    Contact Ashley here