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kidSPACE Printable lessons

I know we are all tired of staring at screens and watching what seems like endless videos so we want to offer an alternative to having to watch yet another 15-20 minute video! 

Below there are printable lessons for each Sunday. These lessons include an activity, discussion questions and a prayer. All you have to do is read the page! There is a short video we encourage you to watch but this is no longer than 12 minutes and this is the story of what the lesson is about. Those are found either on the Parent Cue App or at

If you really don't want to watch a video, you can always just read the story from the Bible! 

Week 1 (12/16)

Bottom Line: We Can Have Hope Because God Keeps His Promises

The Bible Story is from: 

Isaiah 9:6


K-2nd Grade // 3rd - 5th Grade

Week 2 (12/13)

Bottom Line: You Can Have Joy Because God Has A Plan For You

The Bible Story is from: 

Luke 1:26-56


K-2nd Grade // 3rd - 5th Grade

Week 3 (12/20)

Bottom Line: God Loved Us So Much That He Gave Us A Savior

The Bible Story is from: 

Luke 2:1-7


K-2nd Grade // 3rd - 5th Grade

WEEK 4 (12/27)

Bottom Line: God's Peace Is For Everyone

The Bible Story is from: 

Luke 2:8-20


K-2nd Grade // 3rd - 5th Grade

Advent Calender

Gather around every day this month to read the story of how God sent joy to the world with the gift of His Son, Jesus. While you’re at it, spread some joy of your own as a family!

Click here to download

Advent Wreath

Lighting the candles of Advent is a chance to reflect on significance of the season and look forward to celebrating Jesus. Here’s a simple way to create your own advent tradition. Over the next month, pause and rcelebrate how God sent Jesus to be our Savior

Advent Wreath Download // Devotional Download


Shout Out: Episode 5

This week is our final week learning all about gratitude but that doesn't mean it has to stop there! Gratitude is all year round thing. An everyday thing! Let's make it a habit every day, all year! So join us as we learn about the greatest, gratitude habit that we, as a church, have been doing for ages, that is communion.

Also, don't forget about our weekly GodTimes posted on our Facebook and Instagram or you can print them below! 

God Times for: 

K-1st grade // 2nd-3rd grade // 4th-5th grade


Covid Update

Hello kidSPACE family! 

We have been doing this whole 'online' thing for a while now and I just want to thank you! Thank you for making your child's faith and walk with Jesus a priority. Thank you for choosing to stay with kidSPACE during this time. I really appreciate it. 

On that note, unfortunately I don't have the best news. We will no longer be doing kidSPACE in person.

Everything is back to just online. 

What does this mean for kidSPACE? 

Sunday mornings, at 11am, our kidSPACE lesson videos will be posted on our YouTube and Facebook

Tuesday through Friday, we will post GodTimes on our Facebook and Instagram. Theses are activities and discussions you can have with your kids all about the lesson they learned about on Sunday. These are also available to be printed below. 

Also, I know many of you are tired of staring at screens, so i am providing you with full lessons for each Sunday that you can print and do at home all on our own! You do need to watch the lesson video (which is between 6-12 minutes) which is available on the Parent Cue app (available for download here). These lesson pages are available to print below. 

I will also be sending out monthly emails with all these things linked but this webpage will be your main source for all things kidSPACE. I will also be posting constantly on our Facebook and Instagram so be sure you're following us there as well! 

Thank you so much again for your support during this time! kidSPACE really appreciates it. 

with love, 



kidSPACE is the children's ministry of Hilmar Covenant for infants through 5th grade. Through the use of a curriculum that encourages visual and hands on learning, we strive to connect all children to Christ and to one another. We build them up in love through the gospel, and prepare them to serve locally and globally. 

Our purpose is that kidSPACE will be a safe and inviting place for children, nursery through 5th grade. Where they can come  LEARN about Jesus, EXPLORE their faith, and GROW with their families in their journey with Jesus.

We encourage you to check out our social media accounts to see more of what we do.

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meet our kidspace coordinators

  • Nursery & Preschool

    Megan McNeal joined our team in 2019 as the Nursery/Preschool coordinator. She has two kids who are also in the program.

    Contact Megan here

  • Kindergarten-5th Grade

    Ashley Vargas joined our team in 2017 and is now the school aged kidSPACE coordinator. She plans to pursue a career in youth or children's ministry.

    Contact Ashley here