Digital Church

The world seems to be different each and every day. Almost hour by hour, truth be told. During this time in our story, when we are separated physically, we will still gather digitally. We live in a time that is more connected than any other in the history of the world. Which means, even if physically absent, we can be virtually present. Listed here are our venues, hosted throughout the week, that will be our Digital Church.

Sunday Worship

We gather Sunday mornings at 10am! The only change has been the venue, we are now in the family center or online! More information about 'in person' service, click here.

Rooted Youth

Rooted High School will be meeting Sunday nights at 6:30 at the church. Masks required.

Rooted Middle School will be meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings. Masks required.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Theo at (209) 668-0400.


Nursery-Preschool: Megan will be posting on both the KidSpace Facebook and the church's Facebook each Thursday morning to connect with the kids and their families. She will be sharing things like stories, crafts, and prayers. Join in each week!

For our older kids (k-5): Ashley will be posting Monday through Thursday on the KidSpace Facebook page. She will be doing daily GodTimes and on Sunday, she will post a lesson video. 

Check out our KidSpace Instagram for all things KidSpace!

HCC Book CLub

Hello book clubbers, I'm sorry for the delay in restarting but here we are.  Book #2 - Brown Church by  Robert Chao Romero.  A recommendation received by ECC Pacific Northwest Supt Greg Yee.  The goal was to narrow the topic of racial injustice and reconciliation by focusing on Latino/a history and justice challenges.  This book looks to have great depth of history so we can understand context beyond just US/Mexico history.  Many current books out are primarily focused on immigration and Dan and I hoped for broader and historically deeper look.

We will again go with Zoom meeting format on Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:45pm beginning Oct 27th.  Please read the forward and Chapter 1.  Tell your friends!  Sign up with Art DeRooy (

Buy the book here!



give online

In this season, our mission to our Hilmar Covenant family and to the Hilmar community does not stop. Thank you for all your continued generosity.

For help setting up online giving, call the church office at 209-668-0400.